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Two Mice in London

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Two Mice at the Eiffel Tower
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About Two Mice in London

Hop on a double-decker bus with two mice, Azura and Afrodille, as they see the grand sights of London, England.


Enjoy an adventure that takes the two mice from Paris to London to visit the famous sights of Big Ben, The London Eye, and Buckingham Palace.  The two mice are reunited with Madame Bella and have a secret plan to meet the Queen. How will the mice get beyond the guards who protect the Queen’s palace to finally meet her?


Readers will not want to miss this London adventure filled with problem-solving and creativity. 


About Two Mice at the Eiffel Tower

A mouse has never visited the top of the Eiffel Tower, let alone two mice.


Join Azura and Afrodille as they take a special tour of Paris, France. Azura and Afrodille create a plan to see the entire city from the top of the famous landmark, but will it actually work?


Enjoy an adventure that incorporates communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration skills.


21st Century Educational Activities

Use Two Mice at the Eiffel Tower

to Engage Children


Have students sit in a circle and give the students pictures of activities to do while in Paris, France. The first person begins a story that incorporates whatever happens to be on their assigned photo. The next students continues the story incorporating their picture. Pictures may include a visiting a museum, taking a big bus tour, eating lunch in a sidewalk cafe, riding a bike down the narrow streets of Paris, and more.


21st Century

Educational Activities

Use Two Mice in London

to Engage Students


Critical Thinking and Communication


1.  Group students into three teams.   

2.  Identify the three problems that Azura and Afrodille encountered when trying to meet the queen. Make a photocopy of each of the problems from pages in the book and put each problem in the center of a piece of bulletin board paper.  

3.  Have students move to one of the three problems and discuss how the two mice could have successfully navigated that problem to turn it in to a successful solution that would allowed the two mice to meet the Queen. Have students write down their alternative solutions to the problem on the bulletin board paper. 

4.    Have students review problem and then present their alternative solutions to the class.

Where Should the Mice Go Next?

Write a persuasive letter to the author highlighting where Azura and Afrodille should next travel. Be sure to include specific details  and include a problem for the two mice to solve! 


If your location is chosen as a possible location you will receive an autographed copy of Two Mice at the Eiffel Tower or Two Mice in London.

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